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Selecting the Perfect Cannabis Strain Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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With current events being more bizarre than ever, many millennials and Gen Z-ers are turning to astrology for answers. Because cannabis users are naturally inquisitive, we’re looking into how astrology and cannabis can interact. This article was written with a sense of humor in mind, so sit back and roll up a joint with one of the marijuana strains that correspond to your zodiac sign.

Before proceeding, keep in mind that using cannabis for medicinal reasons in California necessitates a medical marijuana card, offering legal protection. You can either visit our Santa Ana clinic for in-person assistance or conveniently apply for your medical marijuana card online if you prefer to avoid in-person visits.

What is Astrology?
Astrology is a type of divination that forecasts earthly and human events by observing and interpreting fixed stars such as the sun, moon, and planets. There is a widespread belief that celestial bodies, or constellations, determine and signal changes in the sublunar world. Astrology is based on 12 zodiac signs, which are star signs assigned to each individual based on their birth date. This star sign is derived from a person’s birth chart, which is a snapshot of the sky at the precise moment they were born.

The Convergence of Cannabis and Astrology
One thing we can all agree on is that all of the signs enjoy smoking cannabis and getting high. Astrology is all about delving into a person’s emotions and psyche, and cannabis is used to help regulate those emotions. As cannabis users light up and contemplate the spiritual and otherworldly realms, it’s only natural that we pair each zodiac with their favorite cannabis strains, which can be found below.

However, it is recommended to consult with a medical marijuana doctor before selecting any strain. They can provide guidance on the strain’s safety for your health and inform you about California’s cannabis laws. If you wish to consult with a doctor, you can easily fill out a form on our website, and one of our certified MMJ doctors will contact you.

You are a person who is passionate, bold, and extremely ambitious in life. You enjoy diving headfirst into new challenges and have no fear of completing any task. You need a strain that will last, so a strong sativa will suffice. Jamaican Dream, a 90% sativa, is one of the best weed strains to keep up with your passion, providing you with an elevated mood and weightless euphoria to get your day started right.

You enjoy the peaceful, soft sounds of life. You’re the most sensual sign, and you adore being adored and pampered. There are many strains that would pair well with your sign, but an indica like Forbidden Fruit will deliver a delicious flavor and terpene profile while providing you with the deep body relaxation you crave on a daily basis.

As a Gemini, you are known for your inherent duality and frequently feel the need to double yourself in order to achieve your goals. As a social butterfly with many interests, you require a strain that can do both. White Widow, one of the most popular hybrid strains and widely regarded as one of the best hybrid strains ever, will provide creativity and social feelings.

Cancers are highly intuitive, emotional, extremely self-protective, and have a tough exterior. However, when you break down, you reveal a very gentle side to yourself. You exist in both the emotional and physical worlds and require a strain that does as well. Cherry Pie is the strain for you: an indica-dominant hybrid that is well-known for its adaptability and enjoyment in a variety of settings.

This sign is known for being vivacious, passionate, and a true lover of the limelight. They have royal status, so why should their marijuana strains be any different? To keep up, Leos require a strong sativa, and Jack Herer is one of the best sativa strains of all time. This strain will put you in a clear-headed, blissful state without causing a massive comedown.

Your thinking is highly logical, practical, and systemic. Because you are a perfectionist who is constantly honing your skills, you will require a sativa strain to provide you with intense focus as well as a creative burst. Lamb’s Bread is one of the best cannabis strains for this, as it provides a lot of energy while also providing a lot of introspection.

You are a lover of all things in harmony and balance because you are the only sign with the symbol of an inanimate object, the scale. You are constantly striving for balance in your life, so a hybrid strain is without a doubt what you should be after. Cannatonic, as one of the first balanced CBD & THC hybrid strains, is ideal for keeping your mind clear and motivated.

You find your strength in your emotions, which is often misinterpreted as a sign. You have a strong passion that gives you power. When deciding between indica and sativa strains, we believe that an indica should be your first choice. Choose Strawberry Banana, an indica that will not completely sedate you while providing a relaxed mental high.

As a Sag, you are constantly on a mental knowledge quest while launching numerous endeavors. You are, however, quite stubborn and sometimes overly honest. Perhaps a traditional indica strain, such as Hindu Kush, will help calm your racing mind, as these effects can be quite heavy and long-lasting, making them ideal for stress relief.

You’re the workaholic of the zodiac, and you’re extremely focused and practical. Try an indica strain to relieve stress while also easing into your emotional side, which we know you have. Northern Lights is a luscious indica that ranks among the best marijuana strains for producing a seductive body and mind high.

You are quite eccentric in comparison to other signs, and you are a freedom seeker as well as a humanitarian and healer. You need a strain that is as unique and uplifting as you are, so try Candyland, a sativa strain. This strain will keep your spirits up and is ideal for socializing and creative endeavors.

You have difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and reality and are known to deeply absorb and feel everything. You’re intuitive, but you frequently live in your own world. There’s no need to dampen those feelings, so a sativa like Super Lemon Haze will keep you uplifted, happy, and giggly all day while transporting you to your fantasy land.

Don’t forget to obtain your medical marijuana card California before visiting a dispensary in your state to use cannabis to treat your medical condition.

Do you agree with your pairing of strains? Is there anything we missed? Please share your thoughts, as well as your zodiac sign and favorite strain, in the comments section below!